Yeling Enzyme Tea

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Design: Creative Complex Design Company
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Tea

Yeling Enzyme Tea selects high-quality black tea, yellow tea, green tea and selected complex strains with deep fermentation technique to produce tea polyphenols, theaflavins, thearubins and other ingredients in the tea could more stable. The lemon, peach and orange are merged and mixing multiple flavours to create the unique colour, aroma and taste of enzyme tea. Cleaning the intestines, protecting the stomach, creating a natural and healthy sweet and sour taste.

Dabie Mountain is the first national ecological county in the mid-west part in China. The vegetation is very prosperous, which contains rich creatures. The unique natural ecology brings out a kind of original、healthy and sunshine effect. The design intends to convey the splendor and vitality of a forest fairy tale, enjoying the unique wild mountain natural ecology, prosperous vegetation and magical oriental herbs, bringing out a natural and healthy, sweet and sour taste, clear and vitality result to the consumers.

We use the herbs of “Dabie Mountain Yeling” as the core element of the design. The fusion of magical oriental herbs and fruits creates a healthy, energetic, natural, and no-additive taste. It brings out a feeling of natural ecological herbs to people.