Design: Product Ventures
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Energizer Holdings
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Auto cleaning solution
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic HDPE bottle

Armor All® is a brand that appeals to car owners who take pride in maintaining their vehicle. They rely on Armor All® to get the job done the right way and with ease. Achieving a high-performance automotive aesthetic on even the most modest vehicles has never been easier. Armor All® wanted a signature spray bottle that would convey their brand’s strong and protective character to the next generation of car owners without alienating current loyal consumers. Product Ventures partnered with Armor All® to help their packaging design capture the spirit of automobile performance.

Armor All® was previously owned by a renowned household cleaning company, and the existing bottle was shared across other household cleaning brands. While Armor All® cleans and deodorizes, it also helps protect the consumer’s vehicle against cracking, fading, and premature aging. Product Ventures took on this challenge to design a signature spray bottle that would distinguish Armor All® from its former owner and reinforce Armor All® ’s position as the leading driver in the Automotive Appearance industry.

The Armor All® brand entrusted Product Ventures to modernize their flagship product by designing an improved HDPE spray bottle to help compete with newer product category entries. Leveraging PV’s in-house consumer learning center, the new design was evaluated by car owners in simulated usage environments to test portability, storage, and functionality. Iterative concept refinements, fueled by in-house rapid prototyping, swiftly improved functionality, ergonomics and aesthetic appeal.

Featuring a sleek and functional design, the bottle’s neck fits comfortably in the hand to allow for careful and easy handling. Consumers can apply the finishing touches to their vehicle’s interior smoothly.

To develop this innovative package, Product Ventures took particular care in addressing the finger grip area at the neck. “We gave both the grip and overall bottle silhouette a more aggressive stance so the bottle leans forward, a nod to speed and to signal a more advanced formula to the market,” said Chief Industrial Designer James McCay from Product Ventures.

Product Ventures’ team distinguished the packaging by connecting it more closely to the automotive industry. McCay explained, “We sharpened the leading edges and integrated the handle grip and body with a break line similar to automotive brake lines found between fenders doors as well as interior panels and upholstery.”

Armor All® products are a staple in the Automotive Appearance industry and now they have a fresh packaging design that reflects their expertise.

What’s Unique?
This updated design optimized the ergonomics of the trigger sprayer grip for a greater cross-section of users. The previous design featured individual finger recesses which worked well for some and not for others. This new design fits comfortably in more hand sizes, making the grip less prescriptive. This updated design also added a taller ratcheting collar, which moved the trigger lever higher on the bottle. This adjustment helps protect the consumer’s fingers from being pinched when the trigger portion of the sprayer is squeezed.