Design: Dasha Danilycheva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: hse art and design school
Tutor: Leonid Slavin & Yevgeny Razumov
Packaging Contents: Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, silicon

Oilpaint — the oil brand for those who treat cooking as an art. Each package of different oils goes with a silicon brush on its tip. The logotype represents the trail of an oil drop greased with a brush. Silicon brushes are used in baking (greasing the baking sheets or greasing pastry) and in cooking in general (greasing pans, meat or fish steaks and etc.). This device provides you with oil and silicon brush at once so you can cook without additional tools. The flow of oil goes straight from the hole in the middle of the brush. To pour the oil you should turn the cap with the brush until the small window on the cap indicates that the bottle is open. Then turn the cap the other way to close the bottle and use it as a brush. The form of the package and its colour scheme are inspired by bright felt-tip pens.

Oilpaint — for your cooking masterpieces!