Rocco Chocolate

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Studio Segal
Client: Rocco Chocolate
Location: Iran
Project Type: Commercial Work
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Aluminum Foil
Printing Process: Gravure Printing

Everyone loves chocolate!

Chocolate should not only have a good flavor, but also should be presented in an eye-catching packaging in terms of appearance. Chocolate packaging design can create unparalleled value for the product. Even if everyone knows what a pleasure is in a box of chocolates, packaging still plays an important role in attracting buyers.

Consumers are encouraged to buy when they are faced with the quality of packaging, both in terms of design and printing and materials.

Our task was to design the packaging of mid-range economy class chocolates, the challenge we faced was besieged by the younger generation, a generation that loves chocolate and whose tastes and perspectives are constantly evolving.

Despite trying to match the temperament of this generation, we should have tried not to distance ourselves from the Rocco brand identity either and we made sure that this brand has something to say among the reputable brands that have been in the minds of the audience over the years and can sell its products in the end.

Concept packaging design is based on a sustainable composition. Rocco chocolates are like an artistic painting: they carefully prepare chocolates according to specific instructions and combine them with other pleasant flavors. Chocolate is the main focus of a live composition.

Chocolate is the main centralization of a live composition. This was the main idea of the illustrations on the packaging “Chocolate production process”