Vanilla Coffee Mate

Derrick Lin


Design: CBA B+G
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Nestlé Mexico
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Coffee Creamer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tetrapack
Printing Process: Offset

Coffee Mate premium and innovative visual identity

Commonly used in Mexican and North American markets, Coffee Mate is a coffee creamer, available in liquid or powdered form, which gives coffee a creamy rich flavor. Aiming to offer its key customers different consumption choices and win yet more consumers, Nestlé Mexico asked CBA B+G to develop new premium products for the brand, to seduce the taste buds of its faithful adorers.

Creamy coffee
In the transition from youth to adulthood, the millennials are demanding consumers, who are connected to novelties. As they are starting to develop the habit of drinking coffee, they look for options to reduce its bitter and acid taste. Along with our analysis to understand the category, the target consumer and their habits, a study commissioned by Nestlé appointed vanilla as a much-appreciated taste by the target, for being authentic and provoking different sensations.

The next step was to map creative territories and, from them, find visual concepts that would translate the innovation inherent to the product – enhancing texture and flavor to an ancient, traditional drink such as coffee.

Blossom flavor
Among the creative concepts developed, the vanilla blossom turning to cream was the one chosen, a perfect metaphor of the mixture of flavor and creaminess offered by the product. The visual identity was created based on this concept and was applied to the 4 new flavors of the liquid version of Coffee Mate, all special variations of vanilla – the target consumer’s preferred flavor.

An explosion of pleasure and taste, but with the exact amount of daily indulgence searched by the young adult consumers of the brand.