Webbox Naturals rebrand

Rebecca Peel

Design: Brandon
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pets Choice
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Pet food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin, plastic pouch

Pets Choice has today unveiled a new visual identity for its Webbox Naturals pet food and treats range, with strategy and design by brand consultancy Brandon.

The new Webbox Naturals brand identity is being rolled out across the dog and cat pet food and treats range. With 7 SKU formats being launched through the retail trade in August.

It’s Only Natural
Pet owners are looking for the reassurance that they are feeding their pet with high quality natural ingredients, ensuring that they bring out their dog’s or cat’s natural joy for life. Webbox Naturals is the best value all-natural choice on the market.

Game Changer, Name Changer
The previous Webbox Naturals range lacked a strong identity that stood out on-shelf, with no distinctive assets to be taken forward. This clean slate gave the creative team carte blanche to start afresh. The resulting identity has changed the category norms and truly takes you into a new natural world.

Julie Butcher, Marketing Director at Pets Choice, comments:
“We have always invested a great deal in producing the best possible natural pet food, but our Naturals packaging didn’t reflect this. Webbox Naturals includes 100% natural ingredients, is vet approved and something we’ve worked hard to develop to be best in class, so we equally wanted to do its brand identity justice with this new renovation.

“Brandon has been a fantastic partner from start to finish; they created a number of design concepts that we loved and this one just jumped out as delivering the new face to the Webbox Naturals brand. An identity that could take us forward and drive brand growth in the next 2-3 years, with new listings and an exciting pipeline of innovation ahead. We fell in love with the new design from the outset and can’t wait to see them pop on-shelf when pet owners hopefully feel the same as we do.”

Steve Conchie, Creative Director at Brandon, concludes:
“Our primary goal was to break the mould in the pet food category, which collectively still uses lots of redundant design codes. As we explored, it was clear that by simply covering logo’s on various packs you’d be hard pressed to differentiate one brand to the next. In terms of the design aesthetic we wanted to not just jump off the shelf, but build some strong brand iconicity, something that could also flex to create more emotional connections with pet owners beyond the packaging.

“The simple paw print holding device added some bold new brand equity and shelf blocking. Sitting alongside the introduction of a fresh colour palette across the Webbox Naturals range. The name change to Naturals was the simplest part of the job, a no-brainer in fact, as everyone was calling it that in conversations from the outset.”

What’s Unique?
Webbox Naturals disregards traditional category codes in order to stand out in a category of beige and earthy tones.