Derrick Lin


Design: Hussein Fadda
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Soap
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood
Printing Process: Laser engraving

Dove is considered one of the leading and unique brands in the world of personal care as its products are distinguished by high quality, so the aim of designing a sustainable Dove packaging is to simulate one of the most consumed products on a daily basis, and the designer focused on natural pepper wood to build the outlines of the package, and the role of the packaging extended as a soap holder During use, the rest of the package used as a mirror and the back as a stone to soften the legs so that the packaging becomes part of the consumer’s daily life. Natural pepper wood added a unique spirit to the design, reflecting the red and black color of the wood, and the laser engraving method added uniqueness to the packaging without affecting in one way or another the spirit of the natural material, and the color of the sanding stone and the mirror added a contrast in the texture. and the package is treated with nanotechnology so that it is not affected by water at the long term.