TRE Absinthe Concept (CGI)

Design: Oleg Zaharevich
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Absinthe
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography, Foil stamping

TRE means «three» in Italian. It was the number three and its geometric realization — the triangle — that formed the basis of the concept and the shape of the bottle. My aim was to get an unusual silhouette that combines strictness and mysteriousness that surrounds the absinthe history from the beginning.

To this end I decided to minimize the height of the bottleneck by hiding a part of it inside of the bottle cork and making the bottle nearly neckless, extend and lift the shoulder line. The enlarged bottle cork became another surface for labeling on which I added some of the information about the product.

The wide bottle edges are decorated with an embossment of long vertical stripes that emphasize bottle height. On the narrow edges — cut corners of the triangle in the section of the bottle — the trademark and the product type are applied. The difference between the edges creates an extra contrast and the embossing not only complicates the visual image and the tactile sensation, but also creates extra refraction in the glass.

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The three-component weighted bottle cork not only performs a closing function, but also becomes a significant element of design and exterior image. The additional label contains information on the premium status and the peculiarities of the product — TRE ABSINTHE is made from top leaves of artemísia absínthium without any aromatic additives to emphasize its exceptional taste and aroma.

The label supports the common motif of verticality and high proportions. It is constructed in a strict palette of two main colours, white and black, creating high contrast not only within the label, but also with the bottle itself.

TRE ABSINTHE is a concept of premium absinthe inspired by a combination of several elements of culture: fantasy architecture of Minas Morgul from the «Lord of the Rings» trilogy; ancient Egyptian stone tablets; Greek columns and Roman firebowls; Art Deco style in architecture.

This unusual combination allowed to create a unique and memorable image, in a measure strict, to a degree mysterious.

An image that emphasizes the very essence of absinthe.