Forage & Gold – 100% Pure New Zealand Honey


Design: makebardo
Location: New Zealand
Project Type: Produced
Client: Forage & Gold
Product Launch Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jars
Printing Process: Digital printing

We are flower hunters, field finders and honey testers, storytellers, creators & nature lovers. From our gate to your kitchen, with a plan to change the way you think about this naturally available superfood. Each location is sourced with purpose, and each of our processes perfected over generations. With the next generation in mind, our mission is simple; we want to do better.

The essential elements of this category inspired us. We loved the idea to work with the morphology of a honeycomb (hex pattern). To play around with the open and capped honey cells gave us a broad and exciting graphic outcome.

A simple and powerful visual language makes Forage & Gold visible and desirable in this overwhelm category.

The design stands out for its reliable, lively, and fun personality. The appealing and approachable brand identity is based on the syntax of the system – the illustrations, typefaces, space, and colours. The straightforward label design ensures coherence throughout the range and enables the easy creation of future products. On the other hand, the edgy decision of having a triple side label for different ways of displaying, it gives the brand a unique approach in the category.

In resume, we achieve an aesthetic that walks in a thin line between tradition and modernity. It’s neither city nor rural; it’s for everywhere.