Agency: makebardo
Product shots + character design: Coen Designs
Lifestyle shots: Lay Day Team
Location: New Zealand
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lay Day Coffee
Product Launch Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 100% recyclable tins, recyclable labels are made from 30% post-consumer waste

LAY DAY is a premium instant coffee roasted, brewed, and freeze-dried in New Zealand. A single origin from Papua New Guinea coffee beans — Ethically sourced. 100% arabica beans – Speciality coffee. They have two roasts; a dark one with a serious, no fuss, and to the point. This rich, full-bodied brew delivers a smooth yet intense flavour that kicks through any milk like the Italian espresso. A few sips of this drop, and you’ll know about it. And the other one is a light roast to set the pace of your day – smooth, unfussed, fruity. With a filter-like, easy-drinking character, it’s the ideal brew for the casual coffee drinker. Your quintessential “Melbourne” coffee.

LAY DAY is wrenching your jar of instant coffee out from the back of your pantry and slamming it back down on the kitchen bench!

Tom and Edward Langdon, funders of LAY DAY, approach us to design a new premium instant coffee brand and packaging to appeal to the next generation of instant coffee drinkers, whose current options are limited. Our goal was to erase from the consumer’s mind that instant coffee is of low quality or that if it is good, it is expensive. For that, we create a brand identity that hasn’t been seen before in the instant coffee industry on a commercial scale, something that is modern and associated with nature and adventure but doesn’t feel out of place in the corporate world. We create through the identity the feeling that instant coffee is cool, delicious and approachable. Our intention with a simple and recognisable but singular design is to stand out from the current commercial instant coffee.

Finally, the bespoke wordmark has a nostalgic touch creating a warm and familiar aesthetic. The cheetah character in different situations gives the final detail to build a playful and accessible brand experience.

What’s Unique?
LAY DAY creates a new bond through a brand experience that is sustainable, transparent and approachable. Their priority as a brand is to positively affect the environment and its people, at whatever cost that may be. The tins are 100% recyclable, and the labels are made from 30% post-consumer waste and are also recyclable.