Michlberger small batch fruit spirit



Designer: Zoltán Visnyai
Photographer: Márton Ács
Location: Hungary
Project Type: Student Project
School: Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Tutor: Ágnes Rozmann
Packaging Contents: Fruit spirit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper, rubber band
Printing Process: Digital painting

Pálinka is a traditional fruit spirit from Hungary, which is the most known starter drink of the big family events in the country. Michlberger’s family manufacture produces high quality small batch pálinka from the fruits of the hills and valleys of Pilis. The most defining element of visual identity is the strong gradient smoothing to the edge of the bottle, which makes the product clearly separable. The colors match with the color of the fruits, and the gradient reflect to the process of distillation. The lacquered pattern – which refers to traditional etching – also appears on other surfaces, such as the box and the website.

What’s Unique?
There are two rubber bands that attach the label, so that is removable and functions as a brooch, with a short description of the traditions and culture of pálinka consumption and the steps of small batch distillation.