Design: Jash Zaveri
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Lagori game
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Hard board and wood

This project is an attempt to revive the classic Indian game with a modern feel. This traditional sport is played all over India since the last 5 millennia. Believed to have been originated in the southern parts of India, Lagori goes by several names across the country, differing from region to region. Lagori used to be one of the most popular outdoor sports in India during the 90’s and slowly reduced in popularity due to lack of open grounds and innovation of technology that has children glued to their gadgets all the time.

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What’s Unique?
For a game that requires no packaging at all, the idea is to make it all about the packaging. Lagori as a game, has never actually been owned, but you can now! This packaging offers a functional and storage solution as well. The best part about this is, no matter how many game pieces you lose, you can always keep replacing them.