Design: THE 90s LAB
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Mahjong
Packaging Substrate / Materials: SPCC (cold- rolled steel sheet), EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Printing Process: Digital printing

MACHILL creates a new mahjong which combines aesthetics with oriental culture. From sight, touch to feeling; from design, material to production, we dedicate our efforts to create a new scene on the mahjong table and to create a new game experience.

The public already has a certain impression on mahjong. It thus gives us a such challenge to bring out a new image of mahjong. Fonts, symbols, patterns and colors of the tiles are completely redesigned. Regarding fonts, we design an exclusive standard font, combining the elegance of Song (Serif TC Condensed) and handwriting style of Chinese Regular Script. As regards symbols, the shapes of dots and bamboos are simplified with main elements preserved. As for patterns, the bird and flowers are redesigned to correspond with the holistic consistency of style. Besides the traditional color scheme: red, green and black, there is an additional minimalist color scheme: gray and blue. Also, there are 42 tiles in total. And each one has its own face.

In the past, there is little connection between mahjong and aesthetics. Through design, we expect to expand the market for mahjong and to get more people interested. Through MACHILL, we intend to make mahjong as a gift to spread far and wide.

What’s Unique?
The metal cases made of SPCC (cold- rolled steel sheet) are used for the outer package of MACHILL while the traditional mahjong is mainly packaged by plastic cases or cardboard boxes.