Design: Devanshi Daga
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Board Game, Magnetic Game Pieces
Packaging Substrate / Materials: High Quality Paper Board
Printing Process: Risography, Laser Cutting, Embossing

A game, designed to help pacify the excess energy that people struggle with, to help them in their day to day activities and to maintain equilibrium mentally, emotionally and physically.

Geometric shapes which are magnetic and connect into each other can help to explore new forms and improve visualization. Triangles represent power, boldness and gives a sense of direction to the game and helps them think deeper into the infinite possibilities of form creation.

The box opens up by detaching the magnets around the corner and flattening out the surface, making it the magnetic base board to create forms onto.

What’s Unique?
The magnets lift up the whole design and makes it even more interactive to play with. So much that once you start, you cant keep your hands off it. The packaging is made such that the outer box can be used as the main board game. Inspired by Origami, an easy solution to material reduction by using the packaging as the main play board. Hassle free unboxing & re packaging.

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