Devos & Lemmens Squeeze Jar

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Location: Belgium
Project Type: Produced
Client: Devos & Lemmens
Product Launch Location: Belgium
Packaging Contents: Cold Sauces
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic (PP)

Solving consumers’ frustration N°1 without giving in on usability. D&L’s new cold sauce packaging can now be used both as a top-down squeeze as well as a top-up spoonable jar. Enlarging its neck to make a spoon able to empty the packaging till the very last drop.

BLACKBIRDS worked on optimally emptying the packaging, a frustration that many consumers experience with traditional squeeze packs. We came up with a top-down squeeze bottle to meet convenience needs, which can also be used top-up as a jar.

By matching the neck diameter to common kitchen spoon sizes, but also by designing the neck of the packaging to be easily accessible, a consumer can now completely empty the packaging with a spoon.

The structural design of the squeeze jar is complemented by a new label design that further enhances the product’s playful character and brand DNA. Additionally, the label accentuates the convex shape of the bottle referencing the rich and full taste of the sauces inside.

Not being able to fully empty the packaging is a common frustration for squeeze packagings. This issue was solved by designing the neck diameter to fit common kitchen spoon sizes and making the neck easily accessible. The strength lies in the realization of this simple idea in a complex chain of producers, strict production standards, existing filling lines and logistical challenges into a unique product that is appreciated and loved by consumers.

The new D&L squeeze jar was recently introduced in Belgium, and demonstrates to brand owners that sustainability also lies in small creative ideas and is not only about a selection of materials. D&L succeeded in significantly reducing the impact in terms of food waste without compromising on convenience.