Jelen CHILL beer

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Derrick Lin


Design: DesignBüro
Location: Serbia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Jelen beer
Product Launch Location: Serbia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle label, Aluminum can
Printing Process: Offset, aluminum print

Another product from the Jelen beer family for which we had the privilege to leave our mark on. Apatinska brewery extended their Jelen portfolio with this smoother taste beer with lower percent of alcohol.

We wanted to perfectly communicate the freshness and the lightness of the beer in optimistic, relaxed and inviting manner. The beer is light, the taste is smooth and the design is just chill.

Our idea was to create a design that would evoke the sense of smoothness right from the very first contact of picking up the can or bottle. We aimed to visually deliver all the core attributes of the unburdened but daring beer. We couldn’t convey our vision of the smooth design without having the right material on which it would be depicted. That is the reason why we opted for the metalized label, to create the complete look & feel of sleek and smooth metal surface.