Agency: UPRISE
Creative Director: Alexander Orlov
Art-director: Polina Tikhonenko
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Pet treats
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard tube

OOPS! – is a high quality and incredibly tasty treats for cats and dogs. It is so delicious that the pets are ready for anything to get to them. And we know how inventive and tricky they are! And when you hear a suspicious rustling in the kitchen at night, turn on the light and … OOPS! You’ve did it again! This popular line from the song immediately comes to mind when you see how a cat or dog is trying to get a treat from the package, getting to the top shelf, trying to hook with a claw and pull it out, almost shaking it with both paws.

We tell this story on the packaging. The illustration shows a pet caught red-handed. Cute puzzled expressions of muzzles. Yes, I got caught again! Different graphic styles for each SKU that show the character, personality and taste preferences of each animal.

When the lid is turned, one of the logo letters turns into a window through which it is convenient to pour out the food. A very practical solution. Also, the logo was successfully transformed into a rug with two bowls for food and water.

OOPS is an unusual and creative packaging solution for pet food in a new tube format. ALL FOR THE TREAT!

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