Re-Branding Periods- Virgin Merry

Derrick Lin


Design: Divija Jain
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Menstrual Cup

Being a woman takes a lot of strength, courage, emotions, sensitivity, physical pain and much more. It also means sharing a connection that extends beyond age and race; and which bonds them together at a level that only women understand.

Just as no part of our life has been untouched by technology, the products available to use during periods have also evolved: from mud/leaves to cloth and cloth to cotton pads, cotton pads to synthetic pads and tampons. While these newer products had made life easier at one level, the products are costly and thus not affordable by a large section of society. Additionally, there is an associated challenge that governments are facing regarding the safe disposal of sanitary waste. The latest innovation in this field, the ‘menstrual cup’ is a product that is economical, convenient, and environmentally sustainable but not many know about it.

Re-packaging menstrual cups is necessary to bring this product to the mainstream. Also important is to end the awkwardness with which this product is sold – both at the user’s and the seller’s end.

*Please Note- This project’s brand name does not intend to hurt/disrespect anyone, it only wishes to create a powerful impact on lakhs of women out there.

What’s Unique?
I have taken inspiration from Andy Warhol’s iconic popular ‘pop art’ to support my design. Pop art was a radical movement that emerged during the mid-1950s that blurred the boundaries between ‘high’ art and ‘low’ culture. Through this concept, I have tried to break the barriers that are associated with menstrual products’ promotion and sales. This packaging not only advertises the change in the issue around menstruation but also the use of menstrual cups. The bold imagery and colours give the product a bright and youthful appeal that will enthuse teenage girls and women to buy this product and embrace menstruation as a normal part of their lives.