Design: PG Brand Reforming Company
Location: Poland
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Antibacterial wipes

TOWL is a brand of antibacterial wipes. The PG team had to balance the striking design and the seriousness of the product’s purpose, i.e. maximum disinfection.

Cleanliness is the brand’s main promise that the packaging should convey. Therefore, blue and white were chosen as the primary colors, which are associated with purity and medicine. The main stamps are orange, which creates a contrasting combination and makes the packaging bright and stand out on the shelf. To emphasize the purpose of the product, the packaging has been made informative, therefore there are many text elements on it.

A drop in the logo is a reference to the product category. There is also a “+” symbol on the packaging, which additionally emphasizes the disinfecting feature of the product. It is presented as an additional graphic element and also as a viewing window in a cardboard box.