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Derrick Lin


Design: Fajar Abdul Kareem
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hubibee!
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Honey, Honey wax, Honey Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar, bottle, box
Printing Process: Digital printing, Offset

It all started with Naming and end with a genuine smile! 🙂 Here I developed a brand which is influenced me more than some of my creatives. I have named “Hubibee!” which means ‘Hub’ ( Love or Friendship in the Arabic language) I just collaborated the word with ‘bee’ which turns (Friendlybee).

The minimalistic design shows Love and care, I just put simple and minimal color-coding for differentiating their products.

Hubibee honey producers work on the motto of “Let’s Bee The Best Friends”, and take good care of their hard worker bees and consider them as their best friends. Because with Bees’ hard work and their best processing procedures, they can make the best quality honey to provide you all the good features of the honey without destroying the purity, natural sweetness, and mouthwatering taste. Once you tasted it and used it regularly, there is no turning back!

Yes! It’s “Hubibee!” After that, I created a cute brand identity and unique Packaging for the brand which leads me to overcome the Print limitations that I facing in my land. In this cute packaging (standard glass jar), the task was to Ideally create the dripping design very well. after the first print on the prototype, I just feel Wow! and my client appreciated me very well.

The best appreciation is Customers can easily pick up and understand what is inside the glass jar! Everybody likes the dripping designs very well and also I got the best results from everywhere. Now it’s time to make them more wonderful designs for the brand and its system!