Modern Breads

Derrick Lin


Design: Natasha Parekh
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Prachi Shah
Packaging Contents: Bread Slices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and Poly coated brown paper
Printing Process: Lithography

This packaging for the brand “Modern” is for the premium, healthy range of its bread. To give a premium look to the packaging, the existing thin plastic has been replaced by cardboard to make it both sturdy and sustainable, preventing the bread from getting squished during transit. With smaller PU coated sealed paper packets (each containing 4 slices of bread) inside the box, this solution is perfect for the healthy range as they tend to dry out more quickly than the normal ones. Each pack is color-coded for users to quickly identify their favorites on the shelf.

This packaging can be reused after the bread is over, wherein the box can be opened up to act as a small storage unit or even a dog feed for the street dogs (people often feed these dogs the top and bottom part of the bread slices or other food on a newspaper or just dropping it on the footpath for them to lick off, with this kind of a container, they can feed them without littering).

Along with a sustainable sturdy box, I have proposed to introduce a surprise pack in this range, wherein, the users will get 4 different flavored (within the healthy range) packets inside the cardboard box. The users will get to try 1 packet (containing 4 pieces) of 4 different flavors that are offered by modern in its healthy range. This will excite the customers and also give them an opportunity to try all flavors within a pack to decide which one is their favorite.