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Derrick Lin


Design: Marka Collective
Location: Bulgaria
Project Type: Produced
Client: Nuteno
Product Launch Location: Bulgaria
Packaging Contents: Tahini
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Jars/labels
Printing Process: Perforated die cut, gold hot foil

Next time someone asks you “Are you nuts?!” you can smile and proudly say “YES, just like Nuteno!”.

Whether you choose to crunch them loudly or spread them quietly on a slice, Nuteno’s natural products make every day delicious and full of the right doses of health and clean energy. Each packet and jar contains 100 percent nuts, love, proven technology and high professionalism – a combination that connects perfectly everything tasty, useful, necessary and pleasant.

Our task was to develop a modernist identity that corresponds to the idea of a combination of high quality and affordability. The color palette is inspired by nature, presented through pure and organic colors that bring a feeling of healthy and natural products.