Venus traders push-pins

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Derrick Lin


Design: Devangee Pendse
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Push-pins
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tagboard, cork, magnetic sheet
Printing Process: Digital printing

There is almost no variety when it comes to the packaging of push-pins. It is often very stressful to take out one single pin from the box without getting your finger pricked. This project is an outcome of an elaborate research and experimenting done to tackle this very issue. Venus traders is a very successful stationary outlet which aims at creating a delightful customer experience as one browses through over 40,000 products housed under one roof. The packaging for the push-pins was designed after doing a lot of research on what the brand stands for and the products that they sell under their name. The aim here, was to design the packaging for push-pins which is easy to use, safe and interactive, especially for school and college going kids.

The packaging here, is inspired from a ladybug. The opening of the box corresponds with the opening of the wings of a ladybug. Inside the box, there are 4 cork slices, 2 on each side, which slide in and out perfectly, on which the pins will be placed. The cork keeps all the pins in place and even when the box slips and falls down, you wont have to go through the hassle of picking all the pins. The top layer of the box has an magnetic sheet inside, this will help the user to gather scattered pins from any surface for a short period safely. Once the pins get attracted on the top, the user can easily open the box and put them inside.

The box opens and closes with the help of a magnetic catch. This will help you keep all your pins intact. This product comes in 3 color options – red, blue and yellow just like the ladybugs. These same colors also appear in the branding of the store.

The packaging is attractive, so it will automatically grab the attention of a lot of kids which might inspire them into studying and buying more supplies from the store. This will also build customer loyalty.

What’s Unique?
The unique design of the packaging ensures safety from pricking one’s fingers every-time they want a push-pin. The cork layers ensures that no pins spill or fall down and keeps them in place. The magnetic top is the most unique feature, so next time you want to pick up scattered pins, you can do it safely and also enjoy the process while you are at it! What’s more, the packaging has almost zero plastic making this a sustainable option. The ladybug design is just the cherry on the top & makes the product look good on any study/ work desk. All of this makes it a “must buy” !