Bonita – Aguardiente

Studio Boam

Agency: Studio Boam
Lead Graphic Designer: Alexandre Arzuman
Product Designer: Andy Migevant
Graphic Designer: Camille Simond
Location: France
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Glass embossing

The first step in the Aguardiente project, a spirit for the brand Bonita, was to carefully analyse and create a detailed world around the product. Bonita’s world is the one of local alcohol, the great South American mountain chain, its territory and its topography. The creative process was entirely inspired by the bumps and hollows present in the Andean landscape. A landscape where grow the plants which will, after gathering, constitute this spirit which has many similar characteristics to the one of a brandy.

Aguardiente is not a very well-known alcohol and is mainly bottled in Iberian countries, as well as in some South American countries. It is produced from an artisanal distillation, and made from a mixture of alcohol and plants. The blend of this spirit differs depending on the country of production. That is why we talk about a multitude of preparations constituting a whole, grouped in a typology of spirits rather than alcohol. These great visual and olfactory markers have guided the creative process of Studio Boam, in order to achieve a true transposition of the world of alcohol.

The design of the bottle itself is entirely approached like a postcard. The image of the South American mountain chains is illustrated by large areas of embossing, that are voluntarily marked on the label as well as on the bottle itself. The lettering created for the design is present both on the label and the glass of the bottle. Its place is willingly unstructured, imitating the randomness of natural elements. To be even more faithful to the representation of nature, the lettering is like the Andes Mountain chain, appearing in both the glass and the label of the bottle. Therefore we have two parts of the letter : “the summit” the higher part “the valley” the lower part.

With this unconventional composition and these rares embossing technics, the bottle evokes a wild and hilly landscape, a true mirror of the nature from which this drink is produced. The highlights and bright colors of each letter intensify the joyful dynamic of the wide and open South American landscapes, creating an exuberant and festive graphic composition.