Malinowy chruśniak

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Derrick Lin


Design: Paulina Kalinowska
Location: Poland
Project Type: Student Project
School: WIT
Tutor: Justyna Kabala
Packaging Contents: Regional wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Malinowy chruśniak is a series of packaging for regional wines. Each package is modeled after a different region in Poland, its culture and clothes. Based on the patterns on the traditional costumes of the inhabitants of these areas, I created ornaments, which I then used to create patterns on the bottles.

I wanted my wine packaging to be a combination of tradition and modernity. My intention was to create packaging that could be served at a family gathering as well as an elegant banquet.

The logo is also designed by me. I wanted it to be as minimalistic as possible, at the same time elegant and fitting to the folklore. It’s called “malinowy chruśniak” (in english it can be translated as “raspberry bushes”). It’s a reference to a poem titled “W malinowym chruśniaku” written by one of Polish poets – Bolesław Leśmian.

What’s Unique?
I think my packaging stands out by combining traditional designs with modernity. I simplified the individual elements and gave them more geometric shapes. I took inspiration from modern architecture – simple, functional, geometric.