Derrick Lin


Design: Vadim Paschenko
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: NEST home goods
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Textile, home decor, ceramics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Materials: Craft cardboard box, paper, self-adhesive paper
Printing Process: Screen printing

NEST is a workshop for cozy home accessories. Among the products are minimalistic home textiles, clothes, handmade dishes, candles, decorative elements. Only natural materials are used in production, special attention is paid to fine details to deliver top-quality products. NEST is aimed at the connoisseur of the elegant simplicity of the Scandinavian style. The brand is eager to emphasize the harmony and naturalness of a modern woman.

Brand message – Enjoy it every day, because every day is special. Surround yourself with simple, elegant and natural things, create a space of comfort and beauty around you, enjoy it every day, seizing the moment and stretching the pleasure.

The brand’s mission is to help everyone build their own love-filled nest. After all, home is a place of strength, unity, warmth and care that fills us with energy every day. A place you want to go back to.

The metaphor of creating a cozy nest, embedded in the brand’s concept and name, is reflected in the trademark. It was based on images: a nest, a round table, the sun, an openwork napkin, a plate, an element of ethnic embroidery. The visual identity combines simplicity and elegance, conveys environmental friendliness and reasonable consumption, accurately reflects the brand’s connection with handicraft production, the warmth of a hand-made product. The packaging contains a minimum of elements, which allows you to focus on the contents of the boxes, like the main character.