Montréal, QC, Canada

Design: lg2
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: A. Lassonde
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Fruit Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Carton

Find your Oasis : A taste for something fresh at A. Lassonde leads to a partial update of its portfolio

Found on shelves for several decades now, the Oasis brand has grown up with several Canadian generations. The flagship brand of the A. Lassonde portfolio decided to refresh its brand image and positioning in order to better structure its offer for a clientele made up of all ages. The company A. Lassonde, a homegrown success story, was seeking a creative and strategic partner to update all its marketing practices for its brand portfolio. It found that partner in lg2, another local company. The new modern and simple packaging design presents product facts in a consistent manner across the different lines, with each product’s respective information more clearly identified. With the packaging and platform creatively aligned, the new brand system can be seen in Canadian markets, both in English and French, in OOH, POS and in ads running this summer and fall.

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“With this brand refresh, our main goal was to celebrate life’s small pleasures. “Find your Oasis” activates the strong emotional chord that has tied Quebec and Canadian consumers to the brand for several decades. We are very proud to partner with lg2, one of Canada’s great companies. The agency was a seamless extension of our own internal team and worked fluidly with us to give our Oasis products new energy,” explained Marlène Hins, Vice-President of Marketing and Innovation, A. Lassonde.

“Oasis is a rich Canadian brand. We had to respect its assets and highlight its pertinence in the current market. Updating the Oasis brand’s ecosystem meant unifying the entire portfolio by drawing on the brand’s heritage while giving a distinct personality to the individual lines, which each have a specific target consumer. Our creative and strategic approach allows A. Lassonde to stand apart from the competition through the emotional connection we feel when celebrating life’s daily pleasures with Oasis,” concluded Marc-André Fafard, Vice-President, Design, lg2.

The “Find your Oasis” communication campaign takes place in video format and high-impact OOH. For the TV segment, it is currently on air and will run through the September back-to-school period on Canadian networks in both English and French to reach consumers across the country.

In addition to Oasis, Drop and Kiju, lg2 will work closely with A. Lassonde to promote its other brands Rougemont, Fruité, Canton, Fairlee, etc. This partnership will draw on most of lg2’s areas of expertise, from branding (brand strategy, platform) and communication to content, digital and production. Supporting a business the size of A. Lassonde means working with a single client but many individual brands, with each one deserving its own support and strategic approach. Founded in 1918, the Quebec company sells food products through its four specialty subsidiaries. It has been a delicious part of Canadians’ and Americans’ meals and snacks for over 100 years with more than 25 well-known brands.