The Book That Wanders

Derrick Lin


Design: Hajra Tariq
Location: Germany
Project Type: Student Project
School: Miami Ad School
Packaging Contents: Postcard Book
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Books have the same allure of discovery as travelling. By focusing on sites, sounds, food and other cultural aspects the book bursts Lahore in its true spirits. Lahore is Lahore helps create a perfect gift for someone who has already been or is planning to visit or convincing them to visit.

Lahore is one of the wealthiest cities in Pakistan and has a lot to offer but not many souvenirs to take back home. Creating a book based on Lahore, is the perfect opportunity to reach an all aged audience.

What’s Unique?
Turning postcards into a DIY book and allowing consumers a DIY element helps create this interactive souvenir showcasing Lahore in all its glory.