Martukskoe ice cream


Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ice
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Ice cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, paper

About the project
The Ice company is one of the largest enterprises in the Atyubinsk region (Kazakhstan), engaged in milk processing since 1999. Today, on the basis of the partnership, a dairy cluster “from field to counter” has been organized.

Ice-plus LLP is the only milk producer and processor in Aktobe region with a closed production cycle “from farm to counter”.

The Ice company commissioned us to redesign the Martukskoe ice cream brand in order to make the packaging more premium, as well as to reflect the high quality, naturalness of ice cream and its taste, and to increase the design efficiency indicators.

The previous packaging design did not allow us to perceive the product as premium and sell it at the price the manufacturer wanted, so we needed to move the brand from the “friendly” category to “premium”. The audit of design revealed insufficient effectiveness of the visual layer and, in particular, the logo. But since Martukskoe ice cream was a well-known brand with its admirers, it was important to make such a redesign so as not to scare away loyal customers and maintain brand awareness.

Therefore, the change in the logo did not become cardinal, but we made it significantly stronger, clearer. The brand’s name is now written in capital letters and we placed it on a gold ribbon, immediately adding premium and luxury to the design.

It was important for the company to communicate that the ice cream maker is a well-known company with its own history, which produces many other dairy products and occupies a large market share. We did not change the composition, and left the spoon from the past design, but refined it and removed unnecessary elements that distracted attention. The spoon turned gold and we put a delicious scoop of ice cream on it. The dark brown background combined with gold gives great contrast, and the packaging immediately looks expensive. This architecture applies to all lines of Martukskoe ice cream. We divided the brand area and the product area, which was not in the previous design, which made the design clearer, more structured and most importantly, more noticeable.

We hope that this redesign will help the company to increase the frequency of purchases at the point of sale.