Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss #92

Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the issue of #92. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Cocina La Luisa “Jimmy Churri” by Blackmoon Studio

BlackMoon Studio added a fun, creative twist using the sun’s face to visually illustrate the level of spice of each of the Jimmy Churri sauces. The Fileteado embellishes the label adding the craft and authenticity to the brand.

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JA! Cocktails by Neatly Made Studio

Distorted form of the logo and abstract shapes of cocktail glasses were used in the bottle design in order to bring out the joyful energy of drinking cocktails with free spirit, combined with four brand colours that match the colours of each cocktails inside the bottle.

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Through the materials and printing techniques we have managed to convey freshness, alignment with nature and simplicity.

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C2 Water No Label by Prompt Design

Moreover we intend to illustrate a collection of design patterns showing interesting animals’ habitats in nature and let these pictures (for example a deer in the forest, a polar bear walking in the snow, a bird flying in the sky etc. ) explain the beauty of the environment.

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Qinwan Premium Dates – Granola Cereal by The Creative Union

Along with the attractive colour palette of the illustrations, we used Qinwan’s signature gold foil stamping, which adds that little premium touch, along with a die-cut so that the granola is visible. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a box of this gorgeous premium date granola!

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Toutoucans by Rachel Whitt

The color palette and illustrations are inspired by the flora and fauna of South America. Toutoucans’ illustration style is bold and graphic, with just enough texture and atmosphere to add a sense of depth. It feels handmade, quality, and energetic.

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Lunabella by Meteorito Estudio

Lunabella is the sum of the word luna + abella (bee in Valencian language) for this reason you can see the texture of the honey through the moon stamped on the label.

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Dillions Vineyard by Kingdom & Sparrow

Kingdom & Sparrow wanted to capture their craft and provenance in an untraditional way, so centred the brand around a detailed, hand-painted illustration inspired by still life paintings, balanced with elegant typography, clean space and light, fresh colour palettes

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Voilà Cool Stuff by BOLD branding

We fashioned a unique icon for the product range to be treated as the main emblem that will be used in all the ice cream current and future range.

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Yoi: It’s All Good by Herefor Studio

Yoi means “good” in Japanese and this tangy, cultured, pre- and probiotic plantmilk made with pops of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and other real ingredients is just that and more. Super Yoi, if you ask us.

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