Ladyburn 1966 Edition One

Derrick Lin


Packaging manufacturer: GPA Luxury
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: William Grant
Case Study: Warren Consultancy
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Whisky

This super-luxury pack was manufactured by GPA Luxury to hold 1966 Edition One, a limited-edition whisky from the “ghost” Scottish distillery of Ladyburn. Inspired by the period of cultural change in the 1960s London design and created with the same rigour as a piece of handcrafted furniture, this sleek wooden case transcends the norms to reach new heights of luxury.

The pack is composed of an FSC-certified subframe, spray-finished in alabaster-textured, UV-resistant paint and screen-printed with subtle text. Additional features include Brusso hinges and hidden magnets which keep the door securely closed.

Inside, the whisky is held in a leather-lined fitment, and easily released with a leather pull tab. The door holds a leather panel, debossed with text that tells the story of the Ladyburn distillery. By pulling on a discreet tab, the user can lift the panel to reveal a concealed leather folio, which has been beautifully debossed and fitted with printed sheets detailing the story of David Bailey and the Ladyburn distillery.