Yibing Bamboo Wine

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Derrick Lin


Design: 望山跑
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: White wine, bamboo wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Grey Board Pasting Special Paper
Printing Process: Hot black lacquer, digital printing

YIBING, Sichuan contains a variety of rich cultures and is the hometown of bamboo.

Local people, their own clay stove brewed pure rice wine, pure buckwheat wine or pure rice wine, with injection into the fresh bamboo, let the bamboo natural growth for more than three years, then cut and pick home to put the fairy bamboo wine into the altar cellar storage. When there are very precious guests in the house, they can only drink this kind of fairy bamboo brewed by the host, which is a rare treasure. Bamboo brewing for three years, installed cellar storage altar, pottery altar opened, fragrance floating 18 bends. Its color is like amber, crystal clear, fragrant bamboo, fresh and pure.