Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

Bombi is a Slovak sweet brand, which provides cakes covered with cocoa mass and filled with jam. Its target group is families with children. These cakes are mass-produced based on traditional recipes, but using modern technology.

Bombi was named after a playful, cheerful, energetic little elephant, whose character every kid can identify with. In the brand identity I redesigned, my aim was to reflect the playfulness and diversity of this character and inspire the target group to discover the flavors of the sweets while they are having fun.

The packaging design is divided into five small and one large collecting part. The graphic design of the packaging features pictograms and logos built on the same elements, colorful patterns of elephant footprints, pop-up folding windows with kind and interesting messages about the flavor variations. There are five Bombi cakes in one large package for every weekday as a reward for its owner.