Greyder “V Design” Shoe Box


Maslak, Sarıyer/İstanbul, Türkiye

The globally known Turkish shoe brand Greyder was expecting a packaging design that would provide ease of use for the shoes to be sold in its online stores. With this expectation, the brand wanted to provide its customers with a distinctive experience.

Greyder, which always focuses on robustness and dynamism for its target audience, office workers, was waiting for an innovative solution for anyone whose expectations are elegance and quality.

According to our research, we realized that office workers have a second pair of shoes in their office cabinets to use in important meetings. The shoes used for the meeting were creating a storage problem. Also, people needed a plastic bag to carry the box after purchasing shoes; avoiding the use of this extra plastic is an issue we focus on in terms of environmental respect. As a solution to all these problems, we designed the V-angle portable box, which aims to solve both the carrying and storage problems.

V Design provides ease of storage and uses by storing shoes in V-shaped retractable drawers. Thanks to this shape, V Design, which is used vertically, can be carried without the need for an extra bag with its PP handles on the top and the shoebox becomes furniture to be used regularly.

With “Greyder V Design”, we have gained an environmentalist stance for the brand by using recyclable materials and without the use of plastic bags. We have provided an innovative solution to the passion of the brand, centered on durability, quality, and dynamism. Thanks to this packaging, which is used by the consumer in his daily life and provides ease of use, we have strengthened the perception of the brand.



Maslak, Sarıyer/İstanbul, Türkiye

Creative Director: Musa Çelik


Senior Art Director: Emrah Dener

Art Director: Marcus Eser