The Good Pelmeni Co. Organic

Gene Portnoy

The Good Pelmeni Co. (Organic): Excited to share The Good Pelmeni Co. Organic. This is a true Work & Company type of project. We developed the brand, naming, design,custom illustrations and even strategically positioned the product as organic to differentiate it from all competitors.

The use of rustic hand-drawn type & illustrations with bright modern flavorful colors to accentuate the SKUs helps reinforce that burst of flavor experience you get every time you bite into these delicious mouthwatering dumplings. Now you can experience this rustic delicacy at home. Introducing The Good Pelmeni Co. Organic, a delicious healthy dumpling that takes you back to grandma’s kitchen using only the best all-natural organic ingredients. The Good Pelmeni Co. coming soon to your local freezer aisle.


Gene Portnoy


Design: Gene Portnoy

Implementation: Aaron Brashear

Illustration: Ian Webster

The Good Pelmeni Co.