Vantablack Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Mendoza, Argentina

We are a design studio specialized in branding and packaging design for various products, mostly alcoholic beverages.

From Vantablack Studio we are happy to have the opportunity to work on special and collaborative projects, working together with @Blackbearcontenido to create things that are brutally extraordinary things. In this sense, we are here to show one of our special projects for Don Nadie Wines.

Don Nadie wines is the result of the fourth generation of winemakers, a brand that tells the story of the life and arrival of the main founder of this family of winemakers who to this day continue to undertake and produce in the field of winemaking.

“He brings the mystery of distant lands, / the clock of time hurries the hours, / this traveler left a suitcase with secrets of life, / He was a Don, a nobody who inhabited silences / and who with his shadow harbored sounds of wine.”

This is how the story of an Italian immigrant who disembarked in 1902 in the New World, to venture into wine lands, begins. The name, Don Nadie, arose in a casual family conversation, which had to accompany the image of the brand, which would be that of an immigrant whose face was unknown and who brought ‘secrets’ in his suitcase, which when opened contained a bottle of wine”.

The ship on which it arrived in these lands was called “Tomaso di Savoia” and is reflected in the design of previous labels.  A portrait of a woman with a very sober dress and a deep look also appears.

A coal-fired ship, of medium size and very elegant. Its captain, Antonini Palazzo, tells that on this ship traveled important politicians, artists and writers who made history in this land.

The portrait of the woman was made by this immigrant on a day of very strong storms and the ship could not land in a good port. Then this “Don Nadie” fell in love with her from his cabin and decided to draw her portrait so as not to forget her.

It was a gray day of very strong storms, with a very troubled sea, which impeded the ship to disembark in a port. In this same port was waiting a woman who could not embark.
As our traveler peered into her cabin, he saw her and was struck by her beauty. A woman with long-hair with a deep look and a very elegant dress.

That is how he portrayed her, never to forget this lady. Since that day he has not stopped looking for her… How will this story continue? Will he find her?

The telling of this story loaded of meanings continues with the development and design of this new white wine label, particularly its new Chenin Dulce Natural line, the label design being the view from the ship’s cabin of this beautiful lady.

In Vantablack Studio associated with Black Bear content, we developed a stylistic and artistic concept that would synthetically tell and reflect this immigrant story through the configuration of a packaging design accompanied by a photographic production.

The challenge we addressed was to, through design and different artistic techniques, transport the consumer to a past era where the story of this product occurred.


Vantablack Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Mendoza, Argentina

Production and multimedia content: @Black Bear Contenido


3D Artist: @Franco Mateo

Don Nadie Wines