Vantablack Studio

Mendoza, Capital, Mendoza, Argentina

We are a design studio specialised in branding and packaging design for various products, mostly alcoholic beverages. From Vantablack Studio we are happy to have the opportunity to work on special and collaborative projects, working to create things that are brutally extraordinary things. In this sense, we are here to show one of our special projects for Casta de Locos Wines.

This is the story of a family that for generations has been perfecting and transmitting to its members the mystical knowledge to be able to forge a potion that is capable of curing all the ills of the soul of its men, strengthen their joys and destroy all their miseries, creating indestructible bonds between pairs.

This medicine so coveted by all the societies of the world is born from the meticulous selection of grapes from the Uco Valley, in Mendoza Argentina, ingredients and secret techniques inherited from the generational alchemy coming from the old continent and new visions of the last generations of this family lineage.

Casta de locos is the result of everything that can´t be described because of its intangible mystique.

The darkness dresses up this bottle, dyeing the brand with a crazy concept but of great sophistication. The thick darkness gives us this line of wines capable of healing any spiritual wound, embedding among its molecules great secrets and stories of this Casta continued by a pair of crazies.

This is Casta de Locos. That madness, don´t remove the Vantablack Studio we developed a stylistic and artistic concept that would synthetically tell and reflect this story of mysteries through the configuration of a dark and refined packaging design.

The challenge we addressed was to, through design and different artistic techniques, transport the consumer to a world full of riddles and stories.