The Noving Packaging have been studied with the main goal of transmitting positive sensations to the customer who will purchase the product.

Noving produces food supplements to promote fertility and to help women during pregnancy and breastfeeding phases, and precisely for this reason, as it is a very delicate topic, we would like to transmit positivity and at the same time professionalism on the packaging, through the use of large background of pastel colors and essentiality, in order to transmit clear messages without graphic confusion.

The name of the product (OVOBEN, GRAVIDELLE and TESTOBEN) graphically goes around the pack, in order to create, during the shelf display phase, a higher visibility compared to competitors, using the same space as the others. In addition to the product name and to the Noving brand, the packaging highlights the fundamental active ingredients contained in each supplement and its purpose of use, in order to make immediately evident which are the advantages of each product.




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