The historic Italian brand Nocera Umbra has entrusted us with a significant challenge: a complete revision of the graphic design of all their currently available water product lines in the market. This ambitious project involves both the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering) channel and the GDO (Organized Large-Scale Distribution) sector. The predominant issue identified in the previous design was the lack of memorability and visual appeal. Therefore, our main objective is to significantly enhance the visual impact and recognizability of the packaging. In particular, we aim to bring to light the intrinsic elegance in the graphic layout, an element that has gradually been lost over time.


We have revived the ancient charm of the Nocera Umbra brand, known for its aesthetic sophistication and refined details, which the previous labels had lost. Our strategy aimed to rediscover the history rooted in the brand’s DNA, making it contemporary for today’s audience. In addition to revitalizing the style and tradition, we introduced new iconographic elements to enhance the overall look of the bottles. We reinterpreted the iconic “SORGENTE ANGELICA,” chose a new red color for the logo, inspired by the Umbria Region’s coat of arms, simplified the logo, and modernized the image of the lioness, making it more captivating with a gaze directed towards the observer.


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