Natural herbal oils are getting pretty much popular in Uzbekistan in recent years — people use them as a perfume, apply as a medicine or a beauty product. As Uzbekistan is a quite sunny country, a lot of natural, fine quality oil is made by local producers. Uzbek oils have a popularity among Central Asian customers too.

That’s why our cooperation with Shams herbal oils was that important for our team — we knew that we are now designing a useful and beloved type of product that has a lot of competitors on the local and international market.

It meant that our packaging had to be truly unique, outstanding and must look clear and understandable. In order to reach this goal we conducted several researches and interviews that pointed to a certain style — something Arabic, oriental, calligraphic, illustrative and calm.

So we implemented a packaging that featured classic eastern ornaments — a multi-cornered star, that reflects various healing features of the product. Each box has its own color and an illustration of a main ingredient. It makes every type of oil visually unique and easy-to-recognize.

Royal purple, classic brown, forest green and burgundy red colors make our packaging look trustful.

Each packaging has a little reference to the light and sunshine, first of all, because the name of the brand — Shams — means “light”, second of all, it was made to emphasize products motherland, sunny Uzbekistan.

It is important to note, that practice proved our initial researches were successful, as Shams herbal oils became a very popular product among oriental, islamic auditory.



Project Manager: Lazizkhuja Sharipov

Art Director: Sardor Jurabaev

Senior Graphic Designer: Tokhir Tuygunov

Graphic Designer: Mirabbos Zufarov

Graphic Designer: Gulnora Kayumova

Junior Graphic Designer: Daler Husinov

Shams LTD