Numa is one of the leading manufacturers of dietary supplements in Uzbekistan, with a large and loyal consumer base, which from time to time turns to the brand for new drugs for the prevention and maintenance of health.

The brand turned to us to develop the identity of a new product — anthelmintics for children, which fights parasites inside the body and helps to cleanse the body of harmful organisms, for example, worms.

Considering that the drug is intended for babies, but at the same time its naming and identity should directly speak about its beneficial properties, we decided to choose the naming “Rikki” for the product.

This name refers to the famous hero of Rudyard Kipling’s story “Riki-Tiki-Tavi”, a mongoose who bravely defended his friends from the attacks of pests: snakes.

In our case, the drug “Rikki” also acts in the baby’s body in the same way — it fights parasites like a hero with a shield, for health and cleanliness.

This is how we depicted the mascot of our drug, a bear who wears a heroic mask and holds a shield in front of him as a symbol of constant protection and the fight against parasites.

At the same time, the packaging design is made in a colorful style that captivates children’s perception, so that the child looks at the drug without apathy, sadness or fear.

The typography is also made in a bright, attention-grabbing style, with high readability even from afar.

Also on the package there is information about the form of the drug — marmalade bears, as well as areas on which the drug has a beneficial effect: memory and attention.

Project Manager: Lazizkhuja Sharipov
Art Director: Sardor Jurabayev
Illustrator: Abdulloh Ergashev
Motion Designer: Tokhir Tuygunov
Illustrator: Hayitvoyev Sirojiddin
Senior Graphic Designer: Madraimov Anvar
Motion Designer: Raimov Akrom
Graphic Designer: Eshmatov Shakhzod
Graphic Designer: Avazova Sitora
Graphic Designer: Tulaganova Marifatkhon