Nowadays a lot of Uzbek manufacturers are looking for an opportunity to reach global markets. So is “Malika Shams” Ltd, which produces tasty, sweet and natural waffles.

Our cooperation with them started with a brief — develop a naming, logo and packaging design. We started from naming. First, we researched our potential target auditory and their perception of waffle products.

Later, we focused on a product and discovered that it has a minimum of synthetic flavors, food colouring and is made mainly out of natural products. It is just a tasty waffle. Here is why we chose “Just Wafflee” as a product trade name.

Then we switched on the logo — our designers prefer simple and easy-to-get design methods, that’s why our logo uses typography only. It mixes bold, fun and attractive lettering with a rich and elegant calligraphic font. Easy to read, easy to remember.

After naming and a logo we proceed to packaging design. For sure, demonstration of a real product on the pack was our priority, as we expect our packaging to be honest and bright. That’s why we made a 3D-model of a real Just waffle and put it straight on the pack as it is.

We reflected various tastes and color palettes on the pack, to make it more attractive and visually delicious.

Finally, as our client wants to get international markets, we had to design a box, where our waffles can travel all around the globe — it suits the visual identity of the Just waffles.

But the main thing about it is its taste, because after all, you buy just waffles just to enjoy waffles.


Project Manager: Lazizkhuja Sharipov

Art Director: Sardor Djurabayev
Senior Graphic Designer: Tokhir Tuygunov
Designer: Mirabbos Zufarov
Illustrator: Abdulloh Ergashev
Junior Graphic Designer: Daler Husinov

Malika Shams LTD