Oriental Dessert in a New Style

Safo is a manufacturer from Kazakhstan that enters two markets at once: Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The brand’s product is very unique — classic oriental delicacies covered with milk chocolate.

The name of the product means “pure”, emphasizing the naturalness of all ingredients: from the filling to the chocolate layer.

In the packaging design, we revealed the composition of the product as much as possible, showed a juicy filling in the form of dried fruits, nuts or other local delicacies, and demonstrated how chocolate evenly covers the surface of the filling.

Thanks to realistic 3D modeling, the packaging visually conveys the entire composition of the product in just one picture.

For easy navigation, we used color coding so that customers could easily find their favorite flavor.

In addition, we made a short-ad of the product for such communication channels as TV and OOH. Ad was also provided by a voice-over that reveals all the characteristics of a product, and tells a story of a usual dessert in a completely new interpretation.

Product packaging has been made in two different variations — one for a small pack, and another for a bigger one. In this version of the pack we provide customers with not only easy color navigation, but also with a transparent part that clearly shows the content of the packaging.

All in all, a bright, colorful and user-friendly packaging design will support the product in a new market, making its unique advantages even more noticeable for the customer both in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

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Project Manager: Lazizkhuja Sharipov
Art Director: Sardor Jurabayev
Senior Graphic Designer: Tokhir Tuygunov
Graphic Designer: Mirabbos Zufarov
Illustrator: Abdulloh Ergashev