ON — is a new premium line of cosmetic products for men, made in Uzbekistan both for local customers and international guests. Line contains an antiseptic, shower gel, perfume, and an aroma spray. Our mission was creating a strong brand identity, including slogan, packaging formations & designs and a logotype.

As our main customers are businessmen, conception of ON and its visual identity should be appropriate — we must consider that this product is mainly bought as a gift for partners, and therefore, should be quite presentable and prideful.

That is why we begin our work with a slogan that reflects our main positioning — make everyone around inspired by your image, soul and energy. We believe that aromas complete our personality, and make us shine. So our logo is a polar star, that is the most shining one in the visible part of the night sky.

In order to fit the aroma types of each product, we developed a naming “Viva la Cuba”, that represents origination of the fleur, delivers our message as a muscular brand and reflects our spirit.

Color solution is also chosen not just by accident — we had to keep it both serious and solid, and choosing dark brown and black combinations seemed a perfect solution for us.

Later on, when every detail of our line was completed, we started working on special packaging — a gift box, made of magnetic and leather elements, making our product a perfect choice for any business gift. After all, we made a visual identity for a product, that is currently on sale even in duty free zones of a local airport.