The bottled water market is quite huge and contains a lot of competitors. It keeps growing from day to day and this means that all local and international players have to stay constantly developing, progressive and bright, in order to keep their positions in the market.

Although, in this huge market there are some free segments that can be occupied by new, young brands. But it’s important for these brands to have a strong unique offer and interesting communication.

Our goal in this project was just the same: discovering a new and attractive, original and strong brand name, logo and packaging design.

As a result of our research and creative work we invented the brand “Vitana”. This naming came out of the words “Vitalis” and “tana”, which in combination reflect healthy and vital features of the product. Using Latin and Uzbek words in one brand name is a nice trend in the Uzbek market when it comes to healthy or medical products, that’s why this naming sounds to people just like something from the world of pharmaceuticals, supporting their belief in curing features of our water.

In the logo and packaging design, we showed sketches of water sources. Adding little elements of the natural landscape made our design look even more cozy and eco-friendly.

Today brand Vitana has already started its journey — now the company delivers pure, healthy and curing water to offices and private houses all across Uzbekistan and positions itself as a water brand that kept natural healthy features in its product.

Project Manager: Lazizkhuja Sharipov
Art Director: Sardor Jurabaev
Senior Graphic Designer: Tokhir Tuygunov
Illustrator: Abdulloh Ergashev
Graphic Designer: Ibrohim Ubaydullayev
Copywriter: Said Nazrillayev
Vitana Water