Project introduction: What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Everyday Hero”? Everyone is working so hard to make ends meet and working at full capacity to achieve their dreams. With so much to do every day, little bruises and scratches shouldn’t become a problem. They might look small but hurt a lot. Entry, BPositive, an everyday hero to support the superheroes! The plaster with healing superpowers. BPositive came to us with a requirement of packaging for their band-aids. With the same thought in mind, we introduced the product as the ultimate aid band-aid to tend to bruises.

Challenges: The pharmaceutical industry hasn’t really experimented when it comes to packaging or branding as a whole. The same old designs had contaminated the market and our client wanted to break out of the image and monotony. This was a challenge because this would have been the first of its kind and we didn’t know how will the audience perceive it.

Solutions: We took it upon ourselves to find what would be the right theme and ‘Everyday Hero’ came to us! We wished to make a package that would appeal to every demographic and grab attention. The idea of using an illustration with the brand message was something that wasn’t mundane and the portrayal of the band-aid with a cape became self-explanatory.

Project Impact: This is one of the first times when the pharmaceutical industry portrays something in an interactive way intending to become a part of the customer’s life. This packaging will ensure that people will face the pain with a positive spirit. That is something Bpositive as a brand is serving.