Tin Can Gummies ® by Tin can Hemp.
Oregon _ USA.

This project is focused on the development of display boxes and new cans for Cannabis edibles .

Gummies : DELTA 8 | DELTA 9 + CBD | HHC | THC-O

Each of them with a particular consumption effect that leads to different sensory experiences and different emotions. This is why we worked under the concept “CHOOSE YOUR TRIP” where each strain is differentiated by a unique digital illustration that shows what the strain offers.

As a result, we obtained attractive products on the shelf, with great acquired value because they carry a unique piece of illustration, which contributes considerably to the brand positioning, turning the cans and, why not, the boxes, into collectible elements, since it is expected that there will be up to 9 strains.

The “Tin Can Heads” were also developed thinking in the production of other elements that accompany the product itself. Such as advertising posters, clothing and digital applications.