A book, a cup of coffee, a book to drink, a whole new reading experience.

“N:CAFE” is a product that combines novel stories and coffee tasting experience. During the reading process of “N:CAFE”, consumers are both readers and authors, and they can piece together their own stories through different combinations in the story chapters. A collection of three writers and six coffee filter bags with different flavors, the packaging of the coffee filter bag combines the flavors suitable for the mood of the story. In addition to reading the story, readers can also experience the characters in the story through smell and taste. Environment, imagine yourself as a character in the story, and create your own “N:CAFE” through words and taste buds.

Coffee and reading have always been very compatible interests in life. We hope to use coffee as a carrier of creativity to make coffee life more interesting. What if we use coffee as a story-solving, connecting clue or what kind of interesting ideas? Based on this inspiration, we launched the “N:CAFE” project. There is a cafe in the story structure of “N:CAFE”, and the reader, as one of the guests who walked into the cafe, started the story. The story chapters, like a puzzle game, choose the development of the plot. You can also imagine and integrate into the character environment of the story by tasting different coffee flavors. In this story, you are the actor on the stage and the director. The text story is more closely integrated with the coffee flavor.

The visual design of “N:CAFE” is based on the concept of “a drinkable book”. The image of brewed coffee dissolved in water is used as the main visual, which symbolizes that consumers gradually enter the world of stories through reading and tasting coffee. Inspired by the form of text creation, the punctuation marks are used as illustrations to combine the visual image of coffee, like a storybook with magic, the text in it is combined into a mysterious cafe invitation with many interesting plots waiting to unfold. Readers enter.