Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Dr Elie Organics is a holistic self-care brand which primarily focuses on skin and hair wellness. They believe that skincare is just a piece of the puzzle in the broader landscape that is ‘self-care’. To feel and be our best, we must go beyond skin care and focus on comprehensive self-care instead. We have been intricately involved with the brand right from the commencement. Our efforts have been focused on branding, brand positioning, packaging design and subsequently launching it into the market.

We’ve worked to build a distinct identity for the brand in the crowded landscape of the skincare industry. Our vision was to embody the values and principles of the brand in the package design itself. Each and every aspect was meticulously worked on to bring that vision to life.
The logo has been thoughtfully contrived while keeping the brand identity, mission and vision in mind. It features a cat and an intricate design at the back to convey the brand’s Indian and Persian roots along with its admiration for self-grooming.
The colour black has been used as the primary canvas colour in order to represent the black cat which is the symbol of taboo in the country but our brand is all about breaking free of inhibitions. Rose gold is used as a complimentary colour which lends the product a distinguished personality and positions it in the premium category.

The shape of the bottles has also been carefully curated to suit the 3 collections available. The bottles with distinct and sharp edges are made for men whereas the bottles with sleek curves are for women and unisex collection. The black cat is used as a symbol of self-care, independence and a breaker of inhibitions. The branding for Dr Elie Organics aims to bring out the holistic and elegant nature of the brand with the qualities of self-care at its core.