Oziva Advanced Hair Growth Serum


Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

OZiva is one of the front runners in the Indian nutraceutical landscape. The brand offers a variety of plant-based solutions for hair problems, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, plant protein and more across different form factors. Beyond effectiveness, the brand prides itself on its scientifically backed formulations made with pure plant-based ingredients.

Yellow collaborated with Hindustan Unilever and created the brand identity and packaging for their upcoming sub-brand, OZiva+. The brand aimed to set a new standard of efficacy and excellence in the premium nutraceutical realm. With heightened potency and premium vegan ingredients, OZiva+ promises superior results, catering to the evolving needs of health-conscious audiences. Their upcoming product line has commenced with Advanced Hair Growth Serum. It contains 1% Lindera Root Extract and 3% Redensyl, the combination of which has been proven to strengthen and increase hair density.

Visually, Yellow and Hindustan Unilever have elevated the design of the new brand by rethinking the look and feel of their premium range. Sleek and clean typography, strategic use of copy for scientific connotations, and redefining the depiction of ingredients add up together to position the brand as a high-science and efficacious solution.



Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Creative Director: Shrey Doshi
Senior Brand Manager: Riya Roy
Creative Strategist: Abhinav Pahade
Visualiser: Krutik Chavda
3D & Animation: Prem Mali
3D & Animation: Nilesh Prajapati
Copy Writer: Aditya Tugnait
Oziva - Hindustan Unilever